Great Lakes Auto Warranty - Wont pay

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This company does not care.One day I called at least 30 times.

The uneducated lady that answers the phone immediately puts you on hold without even speaking. The only words I have heard her say is Great Lakes. She must not know how to talk or never learned how. Then she passes you through to a answering system.

Then, of course, they never call back. It's a joke. I truly believe they aren't going to refund my money. I eventually got through to one on the uneducated lady's that told me I would get my money but they have no idea when.

It was supposed to be within 30 to 45 days. It is well past that. I feel like this company is a complete rip off. I have money for an attorney, and I will use it to get what I'm owed.

I am waiting for 2 more weeks and then I'm filing. I will have all these reviews in court. If any body in Pitt. needs to fight this co.

I have no problem bringing you into my case. The more the merrier. I will, and this is a guarantee, get more than they owed. I don't take it lightly when someone rips me off.

I will take them for everything they have.

My attorney is good, and she hates rip offs as bad as I do.Great Lakes, you suck

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I will join you also!It's been the same for me since Nov 2009.

I don't live in Pitt.

but am willing to do what takes to get justice served.You can contact me at


hey put me down. I am with you100%

Great Lakes Auto Warranty - Great Lakes Warranty Company - Fraud- Pittsburgh

Waseca, Minnesota 25 comments
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Great Lakes Warranty Company is a fraudulent company that does everything it can do to not pay a claim and even when it approves a claim its lawyer (John Ewart) holds the approved claim on his desk for an unbelievable amount of time.I had a claim approved on 2/9/2009 and as of 3/16/2009 this claim is still on John Ewart's desk due to my filing a claim against Great Lakes for non-payment of a previous claim.

Stay away from this Company as I feel they have shown that they do not stand by their warranty or their word.This applies for all levels of the organization.

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A dealer in southern nj sells great lakes warranties with their cars I've had no problems with warranty except their mechanic is the only 1 who will accept it as payment they have plaques all over their walls for excellent service through great lakes probably a scam since I've had my ca back 5 times for the wipers not working and still its not a lemon :(


Great Lakes filed bankrup a year ago. Does anyone know where I can go to state my claim.


Yep same story here, everywhere I turn is a dead end! paid $1,500.00 for the warranty and now im boned.... My question is where did my $1,500.00 go?


I too purchased Great Lakes Warranty from North Coast Auto in Bedford Hts.Ohio on July 2nd 2010.

If I had just taken the time to research them I would have seen the problems and said no. Instead, I spent the $1,500, which now appears to be gone.

I hate to say it, but I hold North Coast Auto equally responsible here.

Maybe they will make it right.We shall see.


I have a warranty and my Boxster engine had a catastrophic failure 2 weeks after they filed for bankruptcy. So now I have a car I cannot drive with a loan to pay and a $20,000 repair if I ever want to drive the car again.


Lost in all this mess, what about the people who pushed so hard to purchase these *** warranties?Are you telling me that they didn't know the kind of junk an organization like GLW was peddling?

I purchased my vehicle from North Coast Auto in Cleveland and the salesman said that if I didn't purchase their warranty, than the interest rate on my loan would be as much as 4-8% higher.

When I talked to them about it, they of course played it off like they had no idea - I'm also out about $2K with 2 years remaining.These guys need to go to jail.


This company was selling warranty contracts with no intention of ever paying on them.This is as much fraud as Enron.

Class action, yes, but do we know if there is any assets left?

You cannot get money in damages if there is no where to recover!:?


I too am a victim of Great Lakes.I had a transmission rebuilt in my car in June.

I was told the repairs would cost $2200. Great Lakes agreed to pay $1375 towards the claim in 45-60 days. That in itself should've been a red flag. A generous cousin of mines offered to put the amount on his credit card.

Needless to say, I'm stuck owing him $2500.I am a single mom, full-time student, and I have been unemployed since May 2008.


Like the rest of these people Great Lakes Warranty, Keith Jimenez, President, John W Ewart, Corporate Counsel have screwed me out of thousands of dollars. If anyone know anything more about these criminals please post the information here so we all can see what is going on.


I paid 2150.00 for a 5 year warranty and had over 1300.00 owed to me in authorized claims from them, that I never saw a penny.The only two claims I submitted went unpaid to me, so I basically got a worthless piece of paper!

I'm beyond pissed and it is NOT right that I'm now out 3452.00 from this scam and beyond shady company! I want my money back for this worthless warranty and the money they authorized to pay me! I would of NEVER had the work done or my husband would of done it and the cost would of been just the parts out of our pocket. I brought it to the repair company because it was repairs needed that were covered under my warranty!

Anyone know of where to go now? This company needs a civil suit against them ASAP! I contacted the Traveler's bond warranty company and they have no information to share and basically told me the bond is for far less than the outstanding claims. I was told I would not get anywhere near the amount of money I'm owed.

These owners need to be in jail Contact me at if anyone knows any new information or where to go from here.Thanks!


great lakes owes 2000 dollars for replaced motor took 3 months to put motor in i have another approved claim on rearend and its been more than 3 months and the truck hasnt been touched.The car lot tells me that great lakes has filed chapter 13 .The owner of the car lot sold me the 2 year warrenty which tells me he is workig for greatlakes behalf and is endorsing greatlakes warrenty company.

I need some help to get what they legally owe me.This is fraud embezzeling.

And criminal felony theft.they should not be allowed to do this to honest hard working people.please contact Jeff at


I bought a 2003 dodge truck from car lot . the motor had to be replaced 2 weeks after I bought the truck .The car lot replaced motor with used one it took three months The car lot says they havnt recieved their money back yet I have another claim thats been approved for the rearend thats been 3 months ago The car lot has told me that great lakes is filing chapter 13 .The owner of the car lot sold me the warrenty he was acting in behalf of greatlakes the owner of car lot was endorsing the 2 year greatlakes warrenty.This is fraud,theft, emmbezzelment. Im willing 2 help with whatever legal action that can be done .They need to be locked up behind bars with the other thiefs and liars


they are out of business as of july 14th


same happen to me.need repairs now.


We need to all join together and file suit against these guys!It's been the same for me since Nov 2009.

Won't pay, won't return calls. I don't live in Pitt.

but am willing to do whatever it takes to get justice served.You can contact me at


I am in the same boat as everyone else. We all need to set up a class-action suit, to try to get all or some of our hard earned money back. We need to send these unethical corrupted businesses a strong message.


Great Lakes has not paid any of my approved claims since October of 2009. I have had three claims, and not a single one has been reimbursed. I'd love to class action these people.


I'm out $3000.00 on a transmission repair.I took my car to a shop of my choice.

The shop contacted Great Lakes and said that Great Lakes said that it would be fine for them to do the work and that Great Lakes would reimburse me instead of the shop. The number that the shop said that Great Lakes gave them as a "claim number" was actually my contract number. The work was done, and when I called Great Lakes about getting paid Great Lakes told me that the shop did not have permission to do the work, that they were liars and dishonest and that they have not allowed this particular shop to touch one of their cars in four years because they are "liars." Great Lakes said, "we told them to tell you to move your car to another shop." They informed me that they would not pay me anything. If there is anyone else out there that has had a similar experience I would like to hear from you, especially if it involved a "claim number." My contention is that even if the transmission shop had been dishonest, then Great Lakes should have contacted me immediately rather than telling people that they believed to be liars to pass the word to the Great Lakes customer to move my car.

That is a reasonable expectation. I am disgusted with Great Lakes and BBB of Western PA.

A friend told me from the beginning that I would never collect from this company if something happened to my car, and she was right.:x


first time i went to service en the apruv the case bot naver pay me i pay from my packet i coll them avry day naver coll me back naver agen great lakes warranty ef any body have question email me et


I have also had 2 claims in since late december 2009, both approved. Now my phone calls are being ignored. I think the best part is that they are still employing their front desk receptionist and her entire job is to be a (B) and transfer people to a voicemail to never be called back.



Same as me Great Lake has not paid since 2009 two claims. anyone have received payment?


I paid $600 out of pocket on 11/10/09 for an approved claim by Great Lakes.They won't reimburse me and are not returning my calls.

BBB and PA Attorney General notified, but it's clear they must be going out of business.

Not sure if they are governed by anyone, but I want what is owed me.Any suggestions?


I had to have the top half of the engine rebuilt on my 2004 Jetta.Great Lakes is telling me since the address was not on the invoice for my oil change that the oil change does not exist, therefor they will not cover the repairs that are specifically covered in the warranty.

Dominick, J.D, and Walt are little boys with a big boy complex. You guys are fraud and specialize in ripping people off.

How do you guys sleep at night with your pathetic existence?:roll

Belluru, Karnataka, India #113684

Company has not paid claims since mid 2009.Stay clear!

Do yourself a favor and do a search on the web on the company and you will see the negative reviews. They are not insured in every state. Call Travelers and you will see that they are insured in PA and Arizona only. Look at their BBB report online and if that does not scare you, call the PA Attorney General and you will find hundreds of claims against this company.

Research on employees; reveal no staff with college degrees. They do not have any African Americans working at the company. They are not returning calls for quotes and will not return phone calls for approved claims.

According to one attorney, she was informed they are about to claim bankruptcy.Stay clear and save your money!

Belluru, Karnataka, India #113665

Did you ever get paid?


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